Recycling and Waste Collections

Information on your kerbside recycling and waste service in Solihull

Your brown wheelie bin is for recycling:

  • Newspaper, magazines and envelopes
  • Food tins and cans, aerosols and clean foil containers 
  • Plastic containers and food trays
  • Cardboard boxes and cardboard
  • Juice and food cartons 
  • Plastic bottles - remember to remove the trigger tops as we cannot recycle them

We cannot accept the following materials in the brown bin:

  • Polystyrene, food waste or tissues
  • Kitchen towel, plastic toys
  • Nappies 
  • Plastic bags or plastic film or packaging 
  • Crisp or sweet packets 

Remember that glass doesn't belong in this bin, you can recycle it separately in your black box.



Your black box is for recycling:

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Metal tops 

We cannot accept the following materials in the brown bin:

  • Pyrex glass, drinking glasses
  • Light bulbs
  • Any other materials 



Your green wheelie bin is for recycling:

  • Lawn clippings 
  • Prunings, flowers and leaves
  • Small branches 
  • Windfall fruit, cones, seeds and weeds

We cannot accept the following materials in the green bin:

  • Compostable bags 
  • Soil or turf
  • large tree branches or stumps 
  • Food waste 
  • Wood/straw based animal bedding 








Your black wheelie bin is for any material that cannot be recycled in your other containers. This includes:

  • Food waste
  • Nappies and sanitary products
  • Plastic bags and film 
  • Plastic packaging 
  • Crisp and sweet packets 

We cannot accept the following materials in the black bin:

  • Glass
  • Plastic bottles, tubs or trays 
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Garden waste 
  • Batteries 


For further information on your recycling and waste or to check when you next collection is please visit here.  For a detailed guide of what you can recycle at home whether you live in a house of flat, please click on the downloadable leaflet guides below. Thank you for recycling.